I want to join projectx

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I want to join projectx

Post  cryengin on Wed Apr 21, 2010 7:15 pm

Personal Information:
- My name is Gijs
- Nationality is Dutch (Holland Smile)
- Age 17
- Speak English & Dutch ofc ><

Character Information:
- CryEngine lvl 160 WA
- I play like 3~4 years now
- My playing hours depend on if i have things for school, or work. 10 hours each minimal for me.
- my honor rank 9, little more than half to rank 10.
- My Equips:
* Osmium Great Sword of Deathblow (critical damage 54%) +6
* Osmium Armourhelm of Deathblow (critical rate 8%, critical damage 20%) +6
* Osmium Armoursuit +6 (Sword Skill Amp 7%, HP + 50)
* Shadowtitanium Armourgloves +6 ( Sword Skill amp 7%)
* Shineguard greaves WA of Amp +6 ( Sword Skil Amp 5%)
* 3x Ring of luck +1
* 1x Life Absorb ring +3 (for HP steal, i wear this always in pve)
* 1x Critical ring +1 (wear this in places i dont need HP steal, TG mostly)
* Epaulet of Fighter +6 & Epaulet of Guardian +7 (dropped from a boss, it is kinda useful in PF ><)
* Vampiric Amulet +4 & Amulet of Pain +4
* Vampiric Earring +4 & Vampiric Earring +5
* Bracelet of Fighter +4 i wear them 2x (I have Extortion Bracelet +4 too for pve, but i never use that one anymore.)
* I have also a pet, Troglo Warrior, lvl 7(~70% Very Happy), containing quite crap, HP, max hp steal per hit, magic amp, and more, but when lvl 10 i go refill all slots.
- Essence Runes:
* Attack Rate lvl 1
* Defense Rate lvl 12
* Alz drop amount lvl 6
* Alz bomb lvl 1 (delete when new runes)
* stun resist lvl 1 (delete when new runes)
* MP lvl 3
* Defense rune lvl 3
* EXP rune lvl 10
* Party EXP lvl 7
* Pet EXP lvl 7
* Skill EXP lvl 4 ( for faster SP regeneration)
- I also craft, this is a point where a lot of my money was in, little 60% craft, 40% gear. I craft lvl 5 Osmium great sword deathblow,
lvl 2 DK bluestin, lvl 3 titanium blade deathblow, lvl 2 katana bluestin.
My guild is a splitting now since few months, and running dungeons only with people outside of my guild. my guild's ppl arent powerful enough, and we dont even have a good WI.
I am building on better gears, also crafting sometimes for some money.

The Past:
- I have been in some previous guilds. The guild in which i have been now is Manipulate, i leave it because the guild is splitting, highest moment of the day less than 10 people online.
- I have been in some more guild on low level, i remember 1, which was Res1dents. that guild died also, GM never came online anymore.
- I have never been contacted by a GM because of negative behaviour in guild.
Why i want to join ProjectX?
- My guild is too inactive, many people leaving, only people spamming troglo lair and lake in dusk are left. Running some dungeons as siena and FI with mates outside of this guild.
- Because of my level and activity i dont think i will fit in a half active guild anymore, i like running a good dungeon Very Happy and my previous guild(s) didn't do more than 1 FI per month, and yes, we always failed.
My friends in ProjectX:
- Maneki
Ran some dungeons too with Coldzero, FAIRKITTY and SHOOT2KILL.
Why you should choose me to join us?
- I am very active, dungeons or Chaos Arena is no problem for me, ask me anytime if i have time Smile also i cleared all dungeons except FT2, never saw the inside of FT2.

Yours Sincerely, CryEngine


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Re: I want to join projectx

Post  Minho on Wed Apr 21, 2010 8:03 pm

first i wanted to do a poll. But then i thought about this here:

Our Recruitement is now open for all classes!!!!

absolutly necessary:

- lvl 165+
- really good equip for PvP and PvE

feel free to apply when u improved your stuff. 160 is in my eyes ok, just improve your eq pls.

and btw. sorry for saying that but your stuff is really bad for playing 3-4 years.


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