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WTJ ProjectX

Post  YaneL on Wed Jun 02, 2010 8:24 pm

1. Personal information

- your name / nickname
. YaneL
- your nationality
. Spain
- your age
. 16
- what languages do you speak?
. Spanish and English
- and (if you want) some additional information...xd

2. Character information

- name , class and lvl of your character(s)
. BL lvl 145 Class 9 69%
- how long did you play cabal on jupiter?
. 3 years, i have other chars Wi 157 and FA 155 (but im hacked)
- how long do you play cabal each day / each week?
3/6h day
- what equipment do you have? (weapon, armour, jewelery, epaulette, pet, bike/board, runes)
Blades: osm +6 +26% CD 1slot / Mitrhil blade +6 +10% CD
Helm: osm martial 30% cd
Suit: osm martial +6 +7% S.amp
Gloves/Boots: mystic+6 5% S.amp
Earrinngs: Vampiric +4
Rings: 1rol+2 1rol+1 2cr+1
Bracalets: Bof+4 and extortion +4
Amulet: Vampiric +4 and aop+4
Board White
pet lvl 7 with crapy slots xd
- if you craft, what is your transmutter type / craft lvl?
i craft mystyc gloves 5% in my wizard

3. Your past

- what are your previous guilds and why did you leave them?
i dont play cabal 5 month ago but my previous guild are
oblivion: i left becouse my friend make a guild
Solaris: holydays xd
- have you ever been in negative contact with GM's because of violating the rules?
nop =)

4. Why you want to join ProjectX?
Strong guild and active dungs ca tg

5. Why we should choose you to join us?
i know my lvl. is only 145 but i can lvl fast to 150 and 160 pls dont reject my for only lvl pls
and im active in dung and friendly Razz

At least we want to whish you GL & HF with your application...xd

Sincerly, PojectX guild


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Re: WTJ ProjectX

Post  Censo on Wed Jun 02, 2010 8:38 pm

sry but you not 165+
and your equip is not realy good

sry -1

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Re: WTJ ProjectX

Post  Minho on Wed Jun 02, 2010 10:22 pm

Censo wrote:sry but you not 165+
and your equip is not realy good

sry -1

nothing more to add. sry you dont fill the requirements to join. /closed


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Re: WTJ ProjectX

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