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Wtj ProjectX

Post  Weed on Mon Jan 03, 2011 2:20 pm

Me ™️
My Name - Gabriel / Nick - Hash
Nationality - Israel
Computer Wiz , Rugby Player , Etc ...

Character ™️
Character - MsWeeD - Class Force Archer - Level - 100 -Skill- almost Dual Trans need to do quest CR
Since July 2008
every day (i work to and, i got army to but every, day on cabal Razz...
i don't craft Sad don't like to Smile
My Past ™️
no past no guild Sad

Join ProjectX ™️

Because you dont have like others guilds (option - lvl 170 + honor knight etc...)

Why we should choose you to join us?

Because we ride all together

i will be most happier if u chose me tnx

Gear ™️

-Teragrace Headgear (FA) Of DeathBlow (Critical DmG 6% - 2Slots Empty )
-Osmium BattleSuit +6 (1-Slot Magic Amp - 1 slot empty)
-Teragrace Gloves (FA) +1 (2 sloted empty)
-Teragrace Boots (FA) +1 (2Sloted Empty )
-2 Topaz Crystal 2 sloted empty (working for alz to get 2 Magic amp crystal...Razz )

-2-Ring Of Luck +1
-2-Critical Ring +1
-Amulet Of Pain +4
-Epaulet Of Sage+6
-Belt Of Rapid +1 .....Razz
-Bracelet (working on it for lvl 119 BOS+2 )


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Re: Wtj ProjectX

Post  Benedek on Mon Jan 03, 2011 2:36 pm

Thx for your application but we do have certain requirements, eg lvl 160+.
So lvl up and improve your gear and you are welcome to apply again.


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