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Post  Roger on Sun Aug 21, 2011 9:32 pm

1. Personal information
- Your name / nickname
- Your nationality
- Your age
- What languages do you speak?
english and portuguese

2. Character information
- Name , Class and lvl of your Character(s)
HyperShoot 10 , 169 ,Fa
- How long did you play Cabal on Jupiter?
2 years
- How long do you play Cabal each day / each week?
Atm i play 20hours for day Depends on my mood to play
- What equipments do you have? (Weapon, Armour, Jewelery, Epaulette, Pet, Bike/Board, Runes
Sig. orb ´s 20 dmg +7,+8
osmium boots+9+7% amp
osmium gloves+9+7% amp
Osm suit+10 7% amp and 50 hp
stit helm +14 20 cd and 7% amp
Rol+1,Merga Ring,Cr+2 cr+1 ros+9
Bos+5 x2
Vamp earring+4 x2
K-red board
Belt of prevent+4
Pet lvl 6 with 1 % hp steal 1% mp steal 1% rest cdm 1% stun 1% defense +3 cdm 2%
Runes: party/pet exp lvl 10, def rate lvl 15, stun,knock back and down resist lvl 5 int lvl2 mp lvl4 dex lvl1
- if you craft: What is your transmutter type / craft lvl?
Artefact lvl4 amulets lvl 4 6,4% ,orbs lvl 4 (aqua) craft 100%

3. Your past
- What were your previous guilds and why did you leave them?
WaYne: at moment im in the guild but is a little inactive
Distinguished:when i try go dueng with some one of my they are off or they dont wanna go .
- Have you ever been in negative contact with GM's because of violating the rules?

4. Why you want to join ProjectX?
i want join because it is a guild that would like to try I saw that this is 100% active and all

5. Why we should choose you to join us?
should choose me because I'm active fair play, and i like teamwork


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Re: HyperShoot

Post  Masouro on Sun Aug 21, 2011 10:07 pm

-1 coz we dont need any more archers atm.

- closed -



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