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Guild Rules

Post  thesupercrazy on Thu Oct 28, 2010 1:28 pm

Before you decide to apply, please read our Guild rules first. megane

    #1 Leadership
  • Guildmaster: thesupercrazy
  • Co-Leader: Masouro, Patchouly, Dragnelia, Censo
  • Co-Leader have invitation- and expelrights. For problems pm either a Co or the GM.

    #2 Application
  • Applications have to be posted in Application area on forum, no invites without any application!.
  • In case the replies are completely positive/negative you will instantly get invited/denied without a poll being made.
  • In case the replies aren't completely positive/negative we will run a poll, in order to get invited a majority of 2/3 will be required,
  • The trial lasts 2 weeks, after this period of time, again a poll will be opened to decide whether you will be accepted or not.
    A majority of 2/3 is needed, if you don't get this majority in the poll, you will be kicked.
  • Trialmembers do not receive any excellent drops before achieving full member status (read #8 for more information).
  • The equipment written down in your application will be checked by one of the leaders via "View Equipment"
  • If you don't have the same or weaker equipment (in total) your application will be denied.
  • Your forum account will be activated when you pass the trial time.

    #3 Mainchannel

  • Our mainchannel is 13(Premium). Also we go mostly MO/FT2 on Ch. 15 or 18.
  • You dont have to play on our mainchannels but if you do, it improves the teamplay, SP giving in those Channels, asking for partybuffs like Morale, helping in trades and it shows our presence in the server that other ppl do not join PX´s channels.

    #4 Guildchat
  • Mainlanguage is English!
  • Of course you are allowed to speak in your languages if you have to talk with someone from same nation but do not see it as a permanent way. You are not alone in the guild.

    #5 PK-ing

  • Do not PK any guildmember without a reason, it might result in a guildkick!
  • You can PK people in PI/PF/MF/LS if they stole your lvling/farming spot. You are also allowed to PK other guilds on bosses (if there is a chance to get the drop!)
  • DO NOT PK THESE GUILDs: SolariS, NoOblivion, EveningPrimrose.
  • And, DO NOT support enemy Guilds, it might result in a guildkick as well.

    #6 Crafter
  • Every crafter should make his/her own thread in our forum including transmutertype, craft lvl and item he/she crafts + the requirements for the items.
  • You don't need to support them if you want but don't whine if he/she doesn't craft for you then.

    #7 Guildbank

  • The guildbank is made for Maquinas Outpost CLEAR runs mainly. It pays entries and Buff potions.
  • The dropped items in MO (every craps, cores and parts of the share from value items we dropped) will be sold and the Alz is given to guildbank again.

    #8 Drops
  • All drops will be shared with the party. In case we drop a unique item and more than one member needs it you have to roll a dice for it.
  • Trialmembers will not receive unique item unless no other full member needs the item.
  • Items with a high value will be sold and shared equally to the members of the party which dropped it.
  • If the Tyrant Ring drops, the lucky one who wins the lot for it, has to give a CR+2 or a corresponding amount of alz to the party so that everyone gets at least a small compensation.


In case you agree to these terms and fullfill our current requirements for invitation, you are welcome to apply. tralalalala

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