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Post  masterA on Tue Jun 28, 2011 2:57 pm

Hello Jupiter ppl Wink u know me well but i must speak in fake account ; DDDDDDDDD ( so lame )

Today i made topic in offical forum about werid haxiorz,i mean a person who hack ppl in jupiter,and not only in jupiter.He Hacked your member LukeTR,and i heart that Larry is hacked too :/ Bacardi Sad

GM close topic in 1min after i made it,5 min later gm delete my topic

If some1 cant read what i write i write it there :

''Heyya ppl !

What happend ? MANY GOOD PPL GOT Scammed........uncle uni tell u whole story,what i noticed.

At start hello i am from Jupiter,every morning we got there a guy with nice shop,he is all time selling rings,and nice mith items.

3-4moth ago in our jupiter was very werid sytuation,LukeTR ( best bl ) was hacked,but hacker steal only few items like mith gloves,rings.rw3+7.That was time when eof 8 dont drop in ic2 so eof 8 was totaly overprice ( about 8kkk ) and hacker dont steal this eof lol,there was some ppl scammed like luke,for example,SEMOLA ( good fb ) and same systuation,hacker steal only rings and few items,but no weapon etc...after som1 from squadra gulid make topic in forum and make this systauion very big ( Squadra gulid = gulid SEMOLA,systauion very big= all in whole jupiter know thaht Luke was hacked ) hacker stop,but idk how to say that,every all morning a werid guy all time i selling nice items,tons of CR+2,ROL+2,manyy rw3+6/7,and ever day new mith items... i noticed that those items are from old ppl who quit ( for example hacker was selling mith suit +11 7m amp 140hp,real owner of this suit was offline 6moths...) and there was VERY MANY OLD ITEMS,guys old ppl know good items etc..

BUt now hacker start to hack ppl who is inactive just a bit like,Larry007 fs with great gear,hacker scammed him ( proof ? boots mith 14 amp +9 in shop 5 days after log Larry [Larry cant play now] we got just 2x mith boots 14 amp in jupiter ) Second person is BacardiBrezze,he is hacked too...

I am wrating becouse i dont know what i think about this sytuation..
LukeTR told us that he didnt log in webiste cabal 2years,and anyway he didnt remember his pass to webiste LOL,he just played and his bro.AND all those guys got ban after hack ( sub pass block )

I speaked with a friends from Mercury gulid ( SantaS ),in merucry is same sysutation.

I dont accusing GM,no no but smth is happend,we normal players just want play and be safe but now,hacker hack ppl like a fuking god

a nick name hacker from jupiter ( nick what he had ) sebnemfresh,Pheles,7starsunpare,RaknRoL(his new char) and there was manyyy other..''

My idea is to send tickets about hacking problem to support cabal,maybe they do something with this sytuation.All dont care about it but one day if u woke up and u see u char only with pants then u will know what feel hacked people.U can hate X person,u can fight with Y gulid BUT WE ALL PLAY CABAL ONLINE,and sometimes we must do something together to make cabal better game Smile

I will write there a simple ticket what u can just copy and paste in cabal suporrt,but u can creat your own ticket,the idea is to send many tickets about this problem from all serv Very Happy

OKe so go cabalonline offical webiste,click support then take option submit ticket,take * Account Support *

Then u can copy my ticket :

''Hello,i am writing becouse i noticed so many scammed ppl now in jupiter Sad i dont know what happend,inactive ppl are just scammed and later some1 is change they sub pass,so they are blocked.Also i saw a werid guy ( in 100% one person ) he sell so many good items in fake chars,his nick's was sebnemfresh,Pheles,7starsunpare,RaknRoL ( all in jupiter ) Maybe gm can chceck his logs,and chceck what he is doing...Every morning he is selling nice items,sometimes he is selling for cheap.Please GM chceck him,also i noticed that this sysuation not happend only in jupiter,in mercury/mars too Sad ''

Well my english is crap,if u can make better ticket then do that,but idea must be always same,ticket must be about this hacker Smile
( if u know hacker names from Mars,Mercury write that in ticket,THIS guys must sell good items every day ( maybe not every but many times,he always got unblocked set,he never answer pm and mail,sometimes he got low lv and other his char got high ;p his shop got always name like WA+11 FS +11 etc etc

Subject: Werid guy,probaly hacker
Priority: Critical

Guys that is just max 2 min,we can do great thing ! please make ticket help us,who know maybe tomorrow u woke up with clear account...


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Post  thesupercrazy on Tue Jun 28, 2011 7:22 pm

i dont know how to reply properly to that topic.

the only thing i can say is, we had that discussion in guild too, and we noticed similar things which seem quite weird...


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